Adam Levine sugar-bombed outside 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Not Sweet! Adam Levine Gets Sugar Bombed
Not Sweet! Adam Levine Gets Sugar Bombed

Adam Levine isn't having the best day. The Maroon 5 frontman was greeting fans outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio in Hollywood on Wednesday when he was pelted with a huge bag of white powder, which was reportedly powdered sugar.

Levine was on his way into the studio when the incident occurred. The brutal confectionary encounter was captured, as it happened, by spectators and fans who posted pics to Instagram.

Levine walked away from the attack looking unharmed, but particularly pissed off.

You can't really blame him. It's going to be really hard to get powdered sugar out of what looks to be a knit sweater.

It's unclear what the powder pitcher's motivations were, but he was quickly detained by security and arrested by police. The suspect's name has not yet been released, but Hollywood police told ET that he is a repeat offender with five victims currently pressing charges against him for battery, including Levine.

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According to police, the same man threw a rock at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson last week. Considering Maroon 5's new single is "Sugar," it seems likely that this agitator loves puns (and he would be the absolute worst Batman villain).

The song's lyrics may seem oddly prophetic in the face of this incident. In the song, Levine croons "Need a little sweetness in my life" and "Your sugar/Yes, please/Won't you come and put it down on me?"

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Levine has been having a number of bizarre encounters recently. In early April, the singer was performing with Maroon 5 at a concert in Anaheim, Calif. when a fan charged the stage in an attempt to hug him.

Levine wasn't the only celeb to have a crazy run-in on Wednesday. Kim Kardashian was called a "murderer" and swarmed by anti-fur activists at a book signing in New York. Check out the video to see the actual, awkward incident.

Kim Kardashian Called a 'Murderer' as Anti-Fur Activists Swarm Her in NYC
Kim Kardashian Called a 'Murderer' as Anti-Fur Activists Swarm Her in NYC

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