5 natural ways to relieve stress

5 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress
5 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is inevitable, but succumbing to its negative side effects doesn't have to be. Learn about a few simple yet super effective ways to combat stress.

1. Exercise. Working out releases tension and can help beat depression. Just make sure it's something that you enjoy doing, so you're more likely to keep it up.

2. Stop and smell the roses -- or any other scent you like. Aromatherapy can help ease the mind and improve fatigue.

3. Pace, don't race. Give yourself time to complete what you need to do, and don't hesitate to schedule time to enjoy life.

4. Eat healthy. Healthy eating can do wonders for your body and mind. A poor diet can zap your body and stress your immune system.

5. Ask for help. Don't burder yourself with everything. Call a friend -- even talking it out can help take a load off.

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