Reese Witherspoon launches lifestyle site Draper James: $85 napkins, southern charm for sale

Reese Witherspoon Launches Southern Charm Lifestyle Site
Reese Witherspoon Launches Southern Charm Lifestyle Site

As promised, Reese Witherspoon has launched her online lifestyle and retail portal Draper James.

The site went live on Tuesday, and touts the sort of syrupy southern charm the actress is known for in earlier films - and the occasional real-life incident.

"Draper James is all about the grace and charm I was raised with in Nashville, Tennessee. In the south you can never be too kind, too gracious or too well dressed," Witherspoon said in a welcome video to users.

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Named for her grandparents, Draper James will offer "a perfect dress so that you feel pretty always, stationary for every occasion... and all that you need to make your space feel like home sweet home," according to the producer and star.

Items for sale at Draper James include four hand-embroidered cocktail napkins (with messages like "Pleased As Punch") for $85, costume jewelry like an intertwined pearl necklace for $200 and a canvas bag that reads "Totes Y'all!" for $155.

Draper James
Draper James

Witherspoon joins recent self-ordained lifestyle pro Blake Lively in launching sites, all conceivably in the vein of Gwyneth Paltrow's five year old company GOOP - which offers content about wellness, fashion, food, fitness and often insights in the Oscar winner's own life.

Witherspoon is currently on a promotional spree for her Sofia Vergara buddy comedy "Hot Pursuit." Witherspoon and partner Bruna Papandrea's Pacific Standard Productions will also produce an adaptation of the upcoming novel "Luckiest Girl Alive," with Lionsgate set to distribute.

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