Only an architect would build a Lego cave like this one

Only An Architect Would Build A Lego Man Cave Like This One
Only An Architect Would Build A Lego Man Cave Like This One

The man cave –– let's face it, it was usually a garage or den. But a Seattle architect's Lego man cave shows just how far the apparent movement has come.

Jeff Pelletier turned his once worn-out basement into his dream getaway. With $25,000 worth of Lego pieces, he built bars, ships, high rises and even a replica of his own home.

Pelletier said, "I always wanted to be an architect, and I think a lot of that was because of Lego."

He told KOMO the room has inspired others to not only make their own Lego rooms, but more importantly not to take their lives so seriously. After all, isn't that what man caves are all about?

Although they provide an escape once created, it seems more and more work and money are being poured into hideaways like this Florida man cave featured by CNN.

Pelletier and other man cave owners might be onto something, though. As The Independent reports, a quality man cave can raise the value of your home by 1 percent, at least for British homeowners. But before you get too excited, a garden can add 10 percent.

Maybe that explains why some women are creating what they call "she sheds" - turning their gardens into extravagant getaways.

Wonder how much value that would add to a home.

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