Olympic athlete using javelin to pull daughter's tooth (Video)

The daughter of Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay can now say she's the only person in the world who ever had her tooth pulled out by her dad attaching it to a javelin with a piece of string and tossing the javelin (I assume this hasn't been done before).

The young girl doesn't look nervous here at all.

Clay claims the whole thing was his daughter's idea.

Would I recommend this method to all parents dealing with a kid whose loose tooth won't come out? Sure. Provided you have access to an Olympic-quality javelin thrower who possesses all the proper training and equipment. I definitely would not recommend trying this yourself if you are just an amateur javelin enthusiast or a person who happens to have a javelin lying around (maybe you're a landlord who evicted a javelin thrower and thought it would be cool to keep their javelin).

I would not recommend you fashion a javelin out of a long stick, tie one end of it to a child's tooth and heave the home-made spear through the sky in hopes of achieving the same results Mr. Clay got. Today's javelins are sophisticated, well-engineered implements made of space-age materials, they are not simply torn from trees and whittled down to a point on one end. I assume.

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