Mother's Facebook post stirs controversy after breastfeeding incident

Mother's Facebook Post Stirs Controversy After Breastfeeding Incident
Mother's Facebook Post Stirs Controversy After Breastfeeding Incident

WILMINGTON, Ill. (WGN) - John Mathias wishes he could go back to Sunday and do things differently - then maybe this misunderstanding would not have happened.

On Sunday Kristal Snow Tomko went to Big Fish Grille in Wilmington, Ill., with her family. Her 6-month-old son was hungry, so she began breastfeeding him. She did not put a blanket over him, which the owner said made other diners uncomfortable.

Mathias said she could use a private dining room if she'd like. Instead, the mother went outside to finish feeding her son.

She wrote later on Facebook:

"I was made to feel embarrassed and shamed, as if I were doing something wrong. I went quietly and quickly to my van where I cried and nursed."

After Snow Tomko's post, Facebook lit up with angry moms demanding Mathias apologize. He got death threats and vandalism threats at the restaurant.

Mathias wanted to meet with the mom and set things straight. Instead, mothers are expected to go to the restaurant Friday to stage a nurse-in, disrupting Big Fish Grille's small business.

By law, mothers are allowed to breastfeed anywhere.

Mathias will have sensitivity training at his restaurant. He doesn't want another incident like this to cause anyone embarrassment.

WGN reached out to the mother for comment, but she did not reply.

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