#Mombod: The Internet responds to 'dadbod' trend

The 'Dad Bod' Explained

For those of you haven't heard, the "dadbod" is now a thing.

How does one achieve a perfectly effortless #dadbod? Start by putting down your dumbbells, guys.

Ladies are after a more refined (and less defined) physique that says "I have something more important to do than hang out in the gym 20 hours a day." The celebs in the video above are total masters when it comes to rocking the dadbod. Nope, no sign of a 6-pack anywhere in there.

But why should the men get to have all the fun? Shouldn't we all get to live in a world where we're found more attractive with less effort? Definitely.

In response to this dadbod trend, the Internet is demanding that "mombod" have its moment, too.

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