Houston man puts sign at intersection to find dream girl

Houston Man Puts Sign at Intersection to Find Dream Girl
Houston Man Puts Sign at Intersection to Find Dream Girl

Adam Preslar thinks he saw the girl of his dreams at an intersection in Houston, and he's counting on her returning to that same spot if he's ever going to find her.

Forget Facebook statuses. Preslar put a sign on the side of a road that reads, "To the beautiful girl in the beige car, I'm the guy in the black truck. Call me!" -- with his phone number written on the bottom.

Preslar told ABC, "She left an impression on me, and I couldn't figure out another way to possibly meet her."

He has had no luck so far, but his phone is going off -- with prank phone calls. Still, Preslar says he's not giving up.

KTRK posted the story to their Facebook page, and some people were hopeful for Preslar. One even said she met her husband in a similar way and writes "love stories still do exist."

Regardless of the outcome, people are still impressed with his effort.

"I appreciate how he went old school like that," said Robin Roberts of ABC's "Good Morning America."

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