Hear Thomas Edison's talking doll that scared kids in 1890

Hear Thomas Edison's Talking Doll That Scared Kids in 1890

Thomas Edison invented a lot of things, including the doll version of the day after tomorrow.

In the 1800's Edison figured out a way to record sound and he brought that technology to dolls.
So they could say things like: 'as they lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep.' As a part of 3 fun phrases.

You may be saying, I bet kids loved these dolls. But they did not.

The kiddies found these dolls so scary they were discontinued in 1890 after only 6 weeks of production. The sounds have probably not been heard since, as the people at Thomas Edison National Park, where some of the dolls are on display, didn't want them to be damaged.

Now, a new technology is able to read the grooves with a laser and recreate the sounds. It's not like dolls have backed off on the creepy level sense. Remember Baby Laugh a Lot?

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