Fructose consumption may intensify cravings for calorie-laden foods

Fructose Consumption May Intensify Cravings For Calorie-Laden Foods
Fructose Consumption May Intensify Cravings For Calorie-Laden Foods

If you find yourself experiencing uncontrollable cravings for calorie-laden foods, the kind of sugar you eat may be to blame.

Researchers from the University of Southern California recently found that consuming fructose may cause a heightened desire for indulgent edibles.

Their study involved a group of 24 healthy individuals who were given drinks containing either glucose or fructose.

Glucose is the sugar that's found in most carbohydrates and serves as an energy source for both the body's cells and the brain.

Fructose, which is common in fruits, honey, and vegetables, is processed through the liver.

After consuming the liquids, the study's volunteers were subjected to fMRI sessions while looking at images of food and non-edible items. They then rated how hungry they were, and were also given the option of getting an edible reward immediately or a monetary one later.

Researchers found a correlation between the intake of fructose and the decision to take the instant treat option.

The post-beverage brain scans suggested that the reward centers of the brain become much more active after fructose is consumed compared to glucose.

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