Cops tweet person's to-do list that includes getting stoned

Cops Tweet Person's to-Do List That Includes Getting Stoned
Cops Tweet Person's to-Do List That Includes Getting Stoned

Police in Murdoch, Australia are poking fun at one stoner by posting a ridiculous to-do list on Twitter.

Police were searching a suspect's house during a burglary investigation, when they found a person's incredibly thorough plan for one Saturday.

Along with a photo of the list, the official Murdoch Police account tweeted, "Are ur Saturdays hectic like this!!! To do list located at search warrant in Cooby."

The 10-part list, which includes things like going shopping, dyeing hair and getting stoned, starts simply with the person's plans to "get up" and "get ready" to start a busy day.

For some reason, the person felt the need to devise a three-part plan to get bus fare, go to the stop and catch his bus.

Then the list-maker decided to hit up Kmart before heading home to dye hair.

After all that, the plan was to "chop up & get stoned." But rather than waiting for the munchies to set in, the person planned ahead - like any good stoner would–to load up on "chips & gravy" for lunch.

When people tweeted asking if the list was legitimate, the police added, "Yes, the to do list was authentic, I don't think any of us here could make it up if we tried! #nosenseofhumour."

The person's behavior might be sketchy, but this guy or gal clearly has top-notch time management skills, since they planned to check off all the items on the to-do list before lighting up.

So at least priorities are in check. Sort of.

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