Cancerous fish caught in Susquehanna River

Fish Caught in Pennsylvania Tests Positive for Cancer
Fish Caught in Pennsylvania Tests Positive for Cancer

This shocking catch is a testament to the realities of water pollution. A smallmouth bass was pulled from Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River with a massive tumor jutting out of its body.

Following the catch, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission ordered lab testing to further investigate the state of the Susquehanna River. The lab found that the smallmouth bass' tumor was indeed cancerous, a clear indicator that water pollution was adversely effecting the river's inhabitants.

Not only is the water pollution a major environmental threat, it puts Pennsylvania's thriving fishing industry at risk as well.

"As we continue to study the river, we find young-of-year and now adult bass with sores, lesions and more recently a cancerous tumor, all of which continue to negatively impact population levels and recreational fishing," said John Arway, the executive director of the commission.

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