Army captain refused to give up during grueling 12 mile march

Female Captain Refuses to Give Up During Grueling 12 Mile March
Female Captain Refuses to Give Up During Grueling 12 Mile March


Army Captain Sarah Cudd would not giving up during the final moments of the grueling 12 mile foot march to achieve her Expert Field Medical Badge at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

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The last step in earning the badge was to complete the 12 mile trek in three hours while carrying 70 pounds of gear.

With 13 minutes to go the captain fell to her knees in exhaustion. But with her soldiers cheering her on, she rose to her feet and crossed the finish line.

Video of her struggle and eventual triumph was posted on YouTube and is gaining much attention.

Captain Cudd serves with Army Public Health Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky. She was only one of the 46 candidates who achieved the badge that day and the Public Health Command says up to 80% of people fail.

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The Expert Field Medical Badge is one of the hardest to obtain in the United States Army. The badge can be awarded to medical personnel who have to complete a set of tests that are both written and performance based. They have two weeks of training on trauma, warrior skills, overcoming obstacles and more.