Oxford English dictionary may add gender-neutral title 'Mx.' to next edition

Oxford English Dictionary May Add Gender-Neutral Title 'Mx.' To Next Edition
Oxford English Dictionary May Add Gender-Neutral Title 'Mx.' To Next Edition

For the past few years it's become increasingly common in the UK to see the gender neutral title 'Mx.' appearing as an option alongside Ms., Mrs., Mr. and the like.

Some say it as 'mix' while others insist it is 'mux'.

The people at the Oxford English Dictionary are now considering adding it to their upcoming edition as well.

Said editor Jonathan Dent, "This is an example of how the English language adapts to people's needs, with people using language in ways that suit them rather than letting language dictate identity to them."

The honorific has already become commonplace in a number of official capacities, including on UK government paperwork and drivers' licenses.

Many banks and universities have adopted the use of 'Mx.' as well.

Among them are long-standing institutions such as Barclays and the University of Oxford.

It's believed that the abbreviation first appeared in the 1970s on the pages of the American parenting magazine 'Single Parent.'

It was originally suggested as alternative to traditional titles and the gender politics they implied.

Though it has over the years grown in popularity and scope, it's still not entirely clear how it's pronounced.

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