Man arrested after he likes his own wanted poster on Facebook

Man Arrested After He Likes His Own Wanted Poster on Facebook


Sheriff's deputies in Cascade County, Montana, say they arrested a man wanted on felony forgery charges after he liked his own wanted poster featured on its Crime Stoppers Facebook page.

Levi Charles Reardon is accused of stealing a wallet and cashing four stolen checks.

When the Great Falls/Cascade County Crime Stoppers Facebook page featured his photo in April as a 'Most Wanted Suspect,' Reardon not only liked it, but Crime Stoppers was even able to post a screen grab of Reardon's like before he redacted it, and he was then tracked down and arrested.

After the arrest, Crime Stoppers posted an updated photo with the arrest date and bond amount.

And while Reardon wasn't among the more than 100 people who liked that photo, there's still plenty of entertainment in the comments section. Mostly from Crime Stoppers who keeps having to leave replies like "Yes, it's true" or "It's very true."
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