'Django Unchained' actress ordered to apologize to officers

'Django Unchained' Actress Ordered To Apologize To Officers
'Django Unchained' Actress Ordered To Apologize To Officers

Months ago Daniele Watts, the actress who starred in 'Django Unchained,' accused three LA police officers of racial profiling.

Recently she accepted a plea deal that requires she issue them an apology.

The incident leading to both the accusations and the resolution occurred last September.

On the day in question officers were responding to a complaint of 'indecent exposure,' involving a couple that was getting amorous in a car.

When Watts was approached about the matter and asked for her ID, she refused, became increasingly uncooperative, and was then handcuffed.

Later, she took to social media saying that she'd been targeted as she is black and her boyfriend is white.

The actress wrote on Facebook, "The tears I cry for a country that calls itself 'the land of the free and the home of the brave' and yet detains people for claiming that very right."

An investigation ensued, and it appeared that the officers were acting within their authority.

Watts, on the other hand, ended up facing charges of lewd conduct and disturbing the peace.

To have the former charge removed, both Watts and her boyfriend are required to write letters of apology to the three officers and each must complete 40 hours of community service.

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