80-year-old grandmother finishes college with her grandsons

80-Year-Old Grandmother Finishes College With Grandsons
80-Year-Old Grandmother Finishes College With Grandsons

After graduating college, many students look to ditch the textbooks and get to work right away. That holds true for 20-somethings and 80-year-old grandmothers alike.

Rosa Salgado made news over the weekend after earning her associate degree in education from Miami Dade College in Florida - and turning her tassel the same time as her two grandsons. (Video via WLTV)

"And also with my grandmother, mama Rosita," said David Salgado, Rosa's grandson.

Rosa Salgado's story is fascinating not just because she's probably more seasoned than her fellow graduates, but also because of what it took for her to earn her degree.

"She arrived in Miami with her husband and three children 20 years ago. First, she learned English, enrolled in school and got a job, working as a paraprofessional at Miami-Dade College's Child Care Center," WTVJ's Angela Pellerano reported.

And Salgado made it work, even after her job changed locations and she was forced to take five different bus routes between class and work. She was sidelined from her studies in 2005 when her youngest daughter went into a coma after an accident...

...but instead of giving it up altogether, Salgado reduced her load from full-time to part-time and continued to chip away at completing school. She told local reporters she was grateful for all the support she received along the way. (Video via WFOR)

WTVJ reports Salgado wants to get started immediately on her next endeavor: writing children's books.

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