5 sell-high fantasy baseball candidates

Finn: Red Sox Will Eventually Get Hamels
Finn: Red Sox Will Eventually Get Hamels

The difference between making fantasy baseball trades in the early part of the season as compared to the later stages of the race lies solely in the interpretation of a finite amount of results. Despite teams approaching the 15 percent mark on games played for the year – the percentage is actually greater when counting 'regular season fantasy games' only – players still fall into the category of 'hot' or 'cold' starts. Therefore, the sample size used in assessing the players' value for the remainder of the season has turned nebulous. Where one manager might still consider the amount of games played too few to paint the picture of a full season, another might have been convinced.

As is the premise of the 'buy-low' concept, the 'sell-high' opportunities are only as available as the market dictates. However, there is greater risk in 'selling high' than 'buying low,' as the repercussions of the latter, by nature, involved a smaller investment. If the player that gets sold high continues his upward trend, the deal was probably a loss, overall.

With that in mind, the only way to truly make the most of the early season risers is to insist that the buyer pays an admittedly inflated premium. Have a minimum value in mind in order to 'cash out,' and make sure the price is met.

Here are five 'sell-high' fantasy baseball candidates thanks to hot starts and early season success: