What to know this morning: In 5 minutes or less


1. The Baltimore Mayor has lifted the city's curfew 6 days after the riots began. Hundreds gathered outside of City Hall to pray and sing civil rights anthems in a peaceful rally on Sunday. Read the updates here.

2. The royal baby is here -- and it's a princess! Get caught up on everything you missed this weekend here, and click through the adorable photos of when she was introduced to the world, below.

3. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, has announced she is running for President. Looking for the GOP nomination, the Republican says she believes Americans are "ready for an outsider" after years of gridlock in Washington. Read more here.

4. One of the biggest boxing matches in history -- and the one that broke every. single. cable. provider. -- ended with a Floyd Mayweather victory, and a $100 million check. Read about the fight here.

5. Professional Skier Lindsey Vonn announced Sunday that she and Tiger Woods have mutually decided to end their 3-year relationship. Read the full story here.

6. The Spice Girls reunited for David Beckham's birthday this weekend attending a star-studded, lavish party in Morocco thrown by Victoria herself. See the incredible reunion photos here.