Shirtless man stuck in basketball hoop needs cops' help

Man Trapped on Basketball Hoop in Seattle
Man Trapped on Basketball Hoop in Seattle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wield a hammer and then somehow get yourself stuck in a basketball hoop, needing police assistance to get down all while being taped from a helicopter? Me neither, but one shirtless man stuck in basketball hoop in Seattle, Wash., got to experience all of that while trying to wiggle his way out of embarrassment.

It was kind of ridiculous seeing a shirtless man holding a hammer like a weapon, threatening police by wielding it in their direction while upside down on a basketball rim.

This guy must have been on something interesting in order to make him feel like he needed to do this and get caught by a helicopter looking like a clown on television. It took about a dozen cops to get the man down and it was quite the sight.

I think the best part is watching the cops plan a way to get him down without getting smashed with a hammer, but the whole situation was bizarre, nonetheless.

Let's hope the guy is OK, but this is something that might be more than just a ridiculous scene, it may be more serious as authorities usually don't need to be called to the scene to help estranged men down from a basketball hoop in broad daylight. Then again, maybe it's not serious.

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