Kristin Davis is LIVE at AOL BUILD talking about elephant doc., 'Gardeners of Eden'

We're not too sure Charlotte York would be well suited for the wild.

Kristin Davis, known for her portrayal of Charlotte York in "Sex and the City," is tackling a new kind of jungle in documentary, "Gardeners of Eden." While on a Kenyan safari trip in 2009, Kristin came upon an orphaned baby elephant and felt it was her duty to do something about it. Kristin immediately reached out to Kenya's David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help solve this problem.

The documentary is a first-hand account of the Wildlife Trust's heroic efforts to stop poachers from attacking elephants, rescuing orphan elephants and raising them until they are fit enough to enter back into the wild. Passionate about this project, Kristen has been a patron of the organization, promoter of its cause to save these elephants and executive producer on the project as well.

Kristin Davis will be at the AOL BUILD studios at 4:30 p.m. EST to talk about the award-winning documentary, "Gardeners of Eden." Tune in LIVE on AOL BUILD as seen above, as well as's Periscope, and if you would like to learn more about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, check out their website here.