Happy 'Star Wars' Day! Millennium Falcon built from Legos breaks world record

Happy Star Wars Day! Millennium Falcon Built from LEGOs Breaks World Record

Inside Edition -- ​May the 4th be with you! Happy "Star Wars" Day!

In honor of this momentous day, fans of the movie franchise in Melbourne, Australia, joined with Legos to break the world record by creating the largest Millennium Falcon using the famous bricks.

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Lego master builders Chris and Dan Steininger, a father and son duo, traveled to Australia and with the help of fans, built the Star Wars spacecraft in two days, using about 250,000 Lego bricks.

In a video of the event, Dan said, "My son is also a master builder and we're two of seven in the world right now that actually get paid to play with Lego and it's an awesome job."

The finished product of Han Solo and Chewbacca's ship was a massive five meters wide.

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It is safe to say, the force is strong with this father and son team!

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May the Fourth Be With You -- LEGO story
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Happy 'Star Wars' Day! Millennium Falcon built from Legos breaks world record
Happy Star Wars Day!! May The 4th Be With You MUPHUGHGAAAHZ!!!! http://t.co/6Fi2TIuhrl
Very special limited edition t-shirt for #StarWarsDay. May the 4th be with you. http://t.co/MMAOUbqOnV
Flying by the "Death Star," Saturn's moon Mimas! http://t.co/gvgsnDEBYC #MayThe4thBeWithYou #HappyStarWarsDay   http://t.co/dCTDiZxNpx
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Won’t be long before these Jedis are all here aboard @Space_Station in force. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou. #YearInSpace http://t.co/irOK02G0ju
#MayTheFourthBeWithYou #Community S4 pic. I didn't dress up as Leia for the day #ThoughIWould #KnowThat #StarWarsNerd http://t.co/2LgxBRo3Xl

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