'Connected' Episode 12: Maybe there was a culprit

Connected S1:E12  Ready for The Adventure
Connected S1:E12 Ready for The Adventure

In the AOL Originals series, "Connected," New Yorkers film themselves without the interruption of camera crews in a fresh twist on the unscripted format. Cast member Jonathan Bricklin has a scary encounter in episode twelve during when he wakes up with little recollection from the night before.

About twelve and a half minutes into the episode, Bricklin tries to piece together what happened after a date at a bar in California during a work-related trip.

"I remember having two drinks total," he tells the camera. "Barely remember us leaving. I barely remember dropping her off at her hotel. And that's it. Next thing you know, I'm sort of regaining my memory at least, if not my consciousness."

But it wasn't a night of hard partying that left Bricklin disoriented. He continues, "Now I feel like maybe there was a culprit. There was a guy at the club who was questionable and a bit shady, who was hitting on the girl that I was hanging out with constantly. Like for a long time. And so there's a possibility I guess that he might have added something to mine or her drink."

Though he never discovers whether his blackout was induced this man, he eventually finds his rental car with a little help from Uber.

"I don't know," he says. "It's one of the craziest situations I can remember. Or, not remember."

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