David Beckham turns 40 and looks better than ever

40 Hairstyles for 40 Years - Happy Birthday David Beckham! #DB40
40 Hairstyles for 40 Years - Happy Birthday David Beckham! #DB40

It's hard to believe that David Beckham just turned 40. What's harder to believe: Age isn't getting the best of him. Call it fountain of youth syndrome, but the soccer star's very first Instagram post this morning makes him look younger than ever.

According to his family's snaps from wife Victoria and son Brooklyn, the Beckham clan jet-setted off to Morocco where they will be indulging in David's birthday festivities. The location of the party, the Amanjena Resort, is also the same place the husband and wife power-duo renewed their vows in 2004.

Although we wish we could score an invite, we'll be living #DB40 vicariously through these insider-pics from the soccer star's 40th bash. Let them serve as proof that age is really just a number.

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