Remake in the works for classic 'Roots'

'Roots' Remake Set To Air As Mini Series Event
'Roots' Remake Set To Air As Mini Series Event

It's official! "Roots," one of the biggest events in television history, is coming back to the small screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A&E Networks announced a remake of the popular 1977 mini-series, which follows an African who was kidnapped, shipped to America, and sold into slavery. It's set to air simultaneously on A&E, Lifetime, and History sometime in 2016.

A press release described the new "Roots" as an "original" and "contemporary" production that will incorporate more of the source material, Alex Haley's novel "Roots: The Saga of an American Family." Additionally, prominent scholars of African-American history will help producers bring authenticity.

LeVar Burton, who starred in the original mini-series, is set to executive produce the television event.

"My career began with 'Roots' and I am proud to be a part of this new adaptation," Burton said. "There is a huge audience of contemporary young Americans who do not know the story of 'Roots' or its importance."

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