#HowOldRobot: Can the Internet really guess your age?

Hollywood's Ageless Beauties!
Hollywood's Ageless Beauties!

Age is just a number...right?

Within the past 24 hours, the Internet has gone crazy over this latest creation from Microsoft called How-Old.net. The site is basic in nature in that you simply upload a photo of yourself and it determines how old it thinks you are. Some have been pretty accurate, and some, not so much.

We here at AOL.com don't want you to stress out trying to find these pics, so we compiled a list of the ones we found the most honest and most amusing. Enjoy!

The entire cast of Game of Thrones

The crew of Tidal

Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton

Some of the anchors on the TODAY show (poor, Al Roker!)

Madonna, Beckham, Barack and Lorde

When you have some downtime, check out the website and see how accurate your age is! In the meantime, check out some of the celebs below who look great regardless of their age.

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