'Grey's Anatomy' drops another shocker in the wake of Derek's death


Grey's Anatomy followed up last week's shocking death with a two-hour episode that spanned a full year of life, love, and loss for the doctors and patients at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and dropped a major shocker on fans.

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As Derek Shepherd's friends, family and colleagues struggled to go on with their lives, Meredith took her kids and hit the road, only checking in once to let Alex know that she was okay. Okay, and she was pregnant with Derek's baby, though she kept that news to herself until giving birth.

"Part of me thought, what if I have this baby and then I just die," Meredith told Alex in the hospital when he shows up as her emergency contact. "And then she arrived and I saw her face and I saw him in her. She's beautiful."

Needless to say, Grey's fans were shocked by another emotional rollercoaster of an episode:

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Meredith's journey in the episode was paralleled with flashbacks to her mother's decision to give up Maggie, her love child with Richard Webber, and Meredith's half-sister. The parallel was fitting, as in the end, Meredith decided to name her and Derek's baby girl Ellis, after her mom.

Meredith and her kids finally returned to Seattle, and the end of the episode showed her donning Derek's signature scrub cap and scrubbing in, ready to go on with her life.

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'Grey's Anatomy' Shocker: [SPOILER]'S Sudden Death Wrecks Us All!
'Grey's Anatomy' Shocker: [SPOILER]'S Sudden Death Wrecks Us All!