Couple's wedding was interrupted by helicopter rescue

Beach Wedding Interrupted by Helicopter Rescue Mission
Beach Wedding Interrupted by Helicopter Rescue Mission

Imagine you're on a peaceful beach in Malibu, California, exchanging vows with your loved one when all of a sudden, this happens.

"I see the nose of a helicopter coming around the side of the cliff. I grabbed her hands and said, 'Oh, you've got to be kidding me.'"

That was David Chesher, who spoke with our partners at KSHB.

The helicopter was on a mission to rescue a climber stuck on a nearby cliff. That mission was successful, and the climber is OK.

David and his new wife, Jihan, had noticed the climber wasn't moving just before they heard firetrucks and ambulance sirens. But the Kansas City-area couple didn't seem to mind the interruption as long as the climber was OK.

"It was just a really funny situation. I get that some people might freak out about it, but I have no control over that helicopter up there, so it was just funny at that point," Jihan said.

The hiker from the wedding in Malibu later came to apologize to the newlyweds.

"He's apologized to us again. He's offered to buy us a gift. And I'm like, you've given us a gift. You know? This was enough. We have a story we'll never forget," David said.

Unforgettable story is right. The rescue team is now even using that rescue footage as a training video.

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