Baby born weeks after mother declared brain dead

Baby Born Weeks After Mother Declared Brain Dead
Baby Born Weeks After Mother Declared Brain Dead

Angel Perez was delivered on April 4 under extraordinary circumstances.

When his mother Karla Perez was 22 weeks pregnant, she starting having severe headaches and was rushed to the hospital after collapsing in her home. The tests showed she had experienced a massive hemorrhage and was declared brain dead.

Since it was too early in pregnancy, the baby couldn't be delivered. Karla's family asked the doctors if it was possible to maintain her pregnancy long enough for Angel to be delivered via c-section.

Karla's case was extremely rare and a team of over 100 medical professionals at Methodist Health System cared for her.

When Karla became increasingly unstable after 54 days, the doctors decided to proceed with delivery.

Angel weighed under 3 pounds at the time of birth and initially required a breathing tube. He is still in an incubator but his condition is stable.