Microsoft wants to guess your age

Understanding Microsoft's Age-Guessing Website
Understanding Microsoft's Age-Guessing Website

Microsoft released a website this week that has taken the Internet by storm.

During its annual BUILD conference, the Windows company unveiled a new tool that utilizes face detection software to estimate a person's age based solely on a photo -- hilarity would soon follow.

Simply upload an image of yourself to the site, and presto, the technology will attempt to tell you what you should already know -- your age.

Shortly after the site went live, social media outlets were bombarded with hilarious posts from users uploading images of everyone from Obama, Bono and even Bruce Jenner all having their age, mostly incorrectly, guessed by a robot.

If you're brave enough, you can give it a shot here. Chances are the age will be way off, just keep in mind it estimated Beyonce was 13 in one image.

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