Taylor Swift grants wish for fan battling cancer

Taylor Swift Grants Wish for Fan Battling Cancer
Taylor Swift Grants Wish for Fan Battling Cancer

By: Troy Frisby

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but nothing works quite like getting a phone call from your favorite pop star.

Emily Beazley from Chicago got an incredible surprise when she picked up the phone to find Taylor Swift on the other end of the line.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 12-year-old girl has been battling cancer since 2011. But after years of treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, doctors told her family there's nothing more they can do.

Since Emily is a Taylor Swift superfan, her friends, family and her supporters, who call themselves Emily's Entourage, used social media to get the "Style" singer's attention.

After her radiation treatment on Wednesday, Emily received a call from Swift.

"She knew all about me... She told me about her tour starting in Tokyo, and she asked what my favorite song was and I told her 'Shake It Off,'" Emily told the Tribune. "Then she said, 'Oh, that's really cool.'"

Emily's mother, Nadia, posted a message on Facebook thanking Swift for making the time to speak with her daughter.

"I CANNOT thank all of you and your efforts that you are ALL making to reach Taylor Swift, Taylor called Emily Beazley! !!!!!" she wrote. "She just got off the phone with her. She couldn't have been nicer. Emily has a smile from ear to ear!"

But that wasn't the end of Swift's generosity. Although Emily has tickets to her July concert in Chicago, her family is unsure if her health will allow her to attend.

Swift's manager called Emily's mother back and offered the family tickets and the chance to meet Swift at her Detroit show in May, which might be doable.

That proves it: Little acts of kindness never go out of style.

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