Seniors celebrate college acceptance with #ReachHigher

'The Middle': Sue Receives Her First Acceptance Letter
'The Middle': Sue Receives Her First Acceptance Letter

If your family has a child waiting on an acceptance letter, you are all too familiar with the emotional roller coaster that comes with the application process. Tears are shed and sleep is lost but eventually you hear that celebratory shriek following the rip of an envelope that makes the ride worthwhile.

Friday, May 1st was officially dubbed "College Signing Day" by the first lady to push higher education to the forefront for all high school students. The posts of gleeful excitement from kids across America who have ripped open their acceptance letters and made their college decision have been rolling in with the hashtag #ReachHigher in line with FLOTUS' campaign.

Scroll through to share in the joy of these students as they head towards greater opportunities in the next chapter of life.

#IChoseLUMO #ReachHigher @LUROAR1866 #collegebound #freshman #ClassOf2019

A photo posted by Kathleen Langley (@katlangley) on Apr 29, 2015 at 5:10pm PDT

Officially a University of New England Nor'easter class of 2019! #vsac #ReachHigher

A photo posted by Kylee DiMaggio (@kylee_dimaggio) on Apr 27, 2015 at 5:19pm PDT

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