R.I.P.: Revenge has been cancelled

'Revenge' Canceled Because Life's Not Fair
'Revenge' Canceled Because Life's Not Fair

It's lights out for ABC's Revenge, and I am pretty sure that Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark fans won't go gently into the night on this one. They may not win the show back, but I am sure they will try.

Emily Thorne came to the Hampton's four seasons ago with a vengeance. She found out who was responsible for taking her happiness away when she was a child, and she stopped at nothing to see them pay. Her target: The Grayson's and anyone who got in her way. They would all suffer the wrath of Emily Thorne. Over the four years that the show spanned, she lost some people she cared for, (but unfortunately for them) they were a casualty of her waged war against the biggest bitch of them all; Victoria Grayson.

The cancellation news was confirmed by ABC to Entertainment Weekly today. The final episode will air on May 10. This news shows fans that not all good TV can last forever. Truthfully speaking, the show had a spark within the first two seasons. Then by the third season (with her dad being revealed) it almost seemed like it didn't need to go on. Everyone should have realized if her dad was ever resurrected, or all the Grayson's were gone, then Em had no more vengeance to be had. Where does that leave the show? For die-hard fans like myself, there was an attachment to Emily Thorne and her beautiful Revenge. Watching the last two seasons had me asking how many times will Victoria fake her death? With this last explosion of the Grayson Manor...it was inevitable to think the show was coming back next season.

In this last season, the writers seemed to be reaching for what they should do with a story that they solved too quickly. The cast of the show was outright stupendous. The campy story lines of the rich and powerful in the Hampton's had such a Dynastyfeel to it. Without the likes of Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe in the title characters, who would have known where this show would have went. I personally don't believe it would have lasted as long. Now that the show has met its maker; a eulogy of sorts is in order for a show that once donned secrets, gorgeous people who sometimes seemed to get more gorgeous as time passed, a wardrobe like no other and a bisexual male character that had not been seen on TV until then.

Here are the five things we will miss most about this once-popular campy drama.

Emily Thorne's Arrival:

The pilot introduced sexy and full of rage, Emily Thorne, back in 2011 making a huge splash on ABC. Revenge quickly became a sensation with the viewers and a success with ratings. The show brought all the camp and some of the greatest parts that were combined of other successful prime-time soapy dramas such as Dynasty, The OC andGossip Girl. Emily Thorne was filthy rich, hiding her identity and on a mission to ruin the family that ruined hers. The beach-like atmosphere setting was a different approach in location than viewers had seen and it was breath-taking. Emily VanCamp proved to others, even though I knew, that she can lead a show. Gabriel Mann's Nolan Ross portrayed a bisexual man who was a first for viewers.

The Cast's Wardrobe:

Every cast member had mesmerizing threads. From Victoria's tight-fitting dresses and gowns to Emily's JCrew meets Banana Republic styles to Nolan's attire speaking for itself. Not to mention Nolan and Emily's hair color changes over time. Does Jacks muscles count as wardrobe? I swear he got more defined over the years and now he just has these huge arms and sexy pecs.

Daniel and Emily/Joshua and Emily:

Watching the romance between the two characters on the show even though Daniel was a Grayson and he was collateral damage. She used him as the in with the family while not expecting to develop feelings for him. What is even better is knowing that Joshua Bowman and Emily Vancamp got together in real-life and made art imitate life and vise-versa. What a dashing couple to watch on and off-screen!

Emily's Badass Fighting Moves:

Being trained in a form of martial arts and having the skill that she developed empowered by her anger made Emily a fighting machine. There was not one fight scene that you could not but help root for her even when she may have been wrong. She left you on the edge of your seats with her sometimes flawless technique and deadly maneuvers.

The Campy-Soapsuds:

It was years since Dynasty, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place until Revenge came along that the true campiness of a prime-time soap showed its face. It was enjoyable watching her mind work every week plotting her next move, her next betrayal and the next down-fall of a person who would get in the way. It was intriguing to watch her pick people off so-to-speak one by one sometimes with a grin in the end and other times where she would be an emotional wreck, but not once making anyone believe she would be defeated.

From the onset of the show, it was never about a happy ending. How is vengeance ever a happy ending? It was a means to an end, an end to the hurt that she felt for many years. Would she ever have rested easy? We can believe that she will find her peace on May 10. The fans will miss Emily Thorne and her Revenge.

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