Louisiana middle school brings back 'In God We Trust'

'In God We Trust' Put Back Onto Public School's Marquee
'In God We Trust' Put Back Onto Public School's Marquee

"In God We Trust" is the controversial phrase returning to the spotlight once more, this time because of students who fought to bring it back onto their school's marquee. The students' efforts disregard a first amendment complaint filed, forcing any symbols of religion in the school district to be removed.

According to KSLA, Ridgewood Middle School students rallied Friday afternoon in an effort to get the school to put the phrase back on their school sign after being taken down the month before.

Students launched a campaign and handed out 500 T-shirts featuring an image of the bible and the religious phrase front and center.

A local pastor told Fox New's Elisabeth Hasselbeck the sign was put up minutes later.

"Well, it's a job well done by the students there," Hasselbeck said. "If it's good enough for our money, it's good enough for our school sign."

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