How a clean bedroom makes for a happy life

A Clean Bedroom Makes For A Happy Life
A Clean Bedroom Makes For A Happy Life

Did you know your bedroom plays a far more critical part in your life than just a place to crash at the end of a long day? One of the the keys to a successful and happy life is simply keeping your bedroom clean.

First, keeping your bedroom clean will make you more social. If you have a messy bedroom, you won't be as likely to have company over, because you won't want anyone to see your undies on the floor.

Second, it will help you get to work on time. Instead of digging through that pile of laundry to find a pair of clean socks, you can go into your dresser and find them where they should have been all along. This will cut down on any time you waste getting ready in the morning.

Third, you'll be more productive! According to "The Power of Habit," making your bed in the morning increases your productivity and overall happiness through the rest of the day.

Fourth, you'll be less stressed. When you start and finish your day in the same room, it helps that it is soothing and tranquil, not an explosion of cluttered mess. Clean that closet, and you'll wipe the stress away.

Fifth, you'll have higher self esteem. Getting your room together each morning starts your day with a positive accomplishment, which can snowball through the rest of your day.

Sixth, you'll have better habits. When you create a good habit, like making your bed, it helps change the rest of your habits. You like having a clean bedroom, so then you'll clean up your car, your desk at work, and so on.

And finally, seventh, you'll look better. Because you'll have reduced stress, you'll be getting more sleep, and that helps make you look younger and healthier.

These are all more reasons to pick up after yourself, and make your entire life a little better.

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