Family of Ohio man who died of heroin overdose pens honest obituary

Parents Write Honest Obituary After Son's Overdose
Parents Write Honest Obituary After Son's Overdose

AVON LAKE, Ohio -- Daniel Joseph Wolanski's family knew he struggled with drugs. Now, they hope his death will be a lesson to others.

Wolanski, a 2009 Avon Lake High School graduate, passed away from a heroin overdose on April 20. He was 24 years old.

In his obituary on the Busch Funeral Home website, his family remembered his humor, his charisma and his demons.

"Over the course of DJ's life, he made many bad decisions including experimenting with drugs. Unfortunately, his five-year addiction and battle with heroin took over. His family and friends truly loved him and tried everything from being supportive to tough love as he struggled with his own inner demons and heroin."

The obituary said Wolanski lost friends to heroin and knew the drug destroyed families. His own family took his death as an opportunity to warn others.

"Don't believe the logical sounding reasons of where their money is going or why they act so different," the obituary said. "Don't believe them when they say they're clean."

A family friend started a GoFundMe page to pay for Daniel's final expenses. Extra money will be used to help others with heroin addiction.

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