Couple sues after engagement photo lands on erotica novel cover


John and Jane Roe of Ohio were outraged after finding their engagement photo on the cover of an erotica novel, "A Gronking to Remember".

Named after a famous move of Rob Gronkowski's, a New England Patriots player, the book has experienced major press exposure. The 66-page novella was sold in Barnes & Noble, Apple and more, featuring a risqué plot with an American football star as the love interest.

In their lawsuit the couple's attorney's stated, "The use of the Plaintiffs image has held them up to ridicule and embarrassment," it says. "This outrageous connection has been further aggravated when the book, with the Plaintiffs image, has been reproduced in the media nationwide. The book has been shown as a source of ribald humor on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as being displayed and read before the press at media day for the Super Bowl."

This bizarre case will land in federal court, where the laws around e-book sellers will be challenged.

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