Aspiring Baltimore photographer makes Time magazine with poignant photo




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Amateur Baltimore Photographer Lands 'Time' Front Cover
Amateur Baltimore Photographer Lands 'Time' Front Cover

An aspiring Baltimore photographer's work has gone from being featured on his personal Instagram page to the front cover of Time magazine.

26-year-old Devin Allen has spent the past few years photographing models, however, in the aftermath of Freddie Grey's death, Allen took his camera to the streets.

Suddenly the amateur photographer's images were being featured on the BBC and CNN, even Rihanna shared the image that is now on Time Magazine's cover.

"When I shot that, I thought it was a good picture," Allen told Time. "So I uploaded [from my camera] to my phone."

The Baltimore native spoke with Fusion and said that he's lived in the city his entire life and sees both the good and the bad -- his photos reflect that. While many of his images feature protesters, a number showcase the police and military in a less hostile light.

"I had some bad experiences but I know a lot of good cops," Allen told Fusion. "I had some friends who were police, police that go to my church, I used to live next door to a police [officer], so it's some good ones out here."

Allen plans to continue covering the events in Baltimore, but now no one will consider him an amateur.

See more of his work in the gallery below: