Aspiring Baltimore photographer makes Time magazine with poignant photo

Amateur Baltimore Photographer Lands 'Time' Front Cover

An aspiring Baltimore photographer's work has gone from being featured on his personal Instagram page to the front cover of Time magazine.

26-year-old Devin Allen has spent the past few years photographing models, however, in the aftermath of Freddie Grey's death, Allen took his camera to the streets.

Suddenly the amateur photographer's images were being featured on the BBC and CNN, even Rihanna shared the image that is now on Time Magazine's cover.

"When I shot that, I thought it was a good picture," Allen told Time. "So I uploaded [from my camera] to my phone."

The Baltimore native spoke with Fusion and said that he's lived in the city his entire life and sees both the good and the bad -- his photos reflect that. While many of his images feature protesters, a number showcase the police and military in a less hostile light.

"I had some bad experiences but I know a lot of good cops," Allen told Fusion. "I had some friends who were police, police that go to my church, I used to live next door to a police [officer], so it's some good ones out here."

Allen plans to continue covering the events in Baltimore, but now no one will consider him an amateur.

See more of his work in the gallery below:

Time Baltimore protest cover - Freddie Gray Devin Allen
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Aspiring Baltimore photographer makes Time magazine with poignant photo
TIME’s new cover: The Roots of Baltimore's Riot. The city’s eruption follows decades of systemic failure. Photograph by Devin Allen (@bydvnlln)
The friends and family of #freddygray have been peaceful since day one i saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears :::: respect ::::plz don't tarnish that :::: #ripfreddygray #prayforbaltimore :::: #DVNLLN
The Great Divide ::: #blacklivesmatter #Baltimore #ripfreddiegray :::: #DVNLLN
My people are tired and are fighting back in a rage :::: #Baltimore #ripfreddiegray #blacklivesmatter #prayforbaltimore :::: #DVNLLN
Please don't lose focus :::: times will get hard but don't forget the goal ::: we want justice for #freediegray he was laid to rest today ::: on the 29th its a meeting to discuss the case & etc i will post the flyer later on #Prayforbaltimore ::: #DVNLLN
As his eye's water i wonder the thoughts running thru his head ::: Yes police have done us wrong but all are not evil, and this picture shows that :::: The news wont show this the Sun paper turned me down multiple times :::: I CAPTURE the real The Good and Bad :::: Repost Share spread the word #Ripfreddiegray #prayforbaltimore #allblacklivesmatter ::: #DVNLLN
Im praying for everyone out be safe ::::: #ripfreddiegray #Baltimore #DVNLLN
& my heart breaks ::: I feel your pain we all do ::: i want to tell your story & let the world hear your tears drop ::: #welovebaltimore #RIPFREDDIEGRAY ::: #DVNLLN
Its a thin line between love and hate right and wrong :::: As humans we can not pass judgement far as i know thats God s job :::: #baltimore #ripfreddiepray :::: I wont stop posting its about my city, where are all the rappers & celebrities people praise so much :::: my pictures will only reach but so far #DVNLLN
We are sick & tired ::: #Baltimore #ripfreddiegray | #DVNLLN

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