13 tips for setting up the perfect bar at home from 'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer


Jon Taffer, host of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue," knows a thing or two about setting up the perfect bar. He shared with us everything you need to know to have an amazing home bar (including what you should avoid at all costs).

"The question everyone should ask themselves before a party is 'What do I want my bar to be?'" he shares. First, decide if you want the bar to be the backdrop, or the main event. If you want it to be the main event, you should get fun garnishes and mixers, and make the bar the party.

Jon recommends picking a simple drink, and making it great. One thing he doesn't suggest? Shots. "I'm not a big believer in doing shots at home," he said. "Remember, people have to drive home. Make drinks that are fun, not strong. That's why I like using the juices, the sweet and sours and mixing ingredients and making it fun for people. If you make it fun, they won't just take shots of tequila."

Another thing to keep in mind is reminding guests that they shouldn't be driving home after a night of drinking at your party. "In the day of Uber, it is wonderful to be able to tell your guests to Uber home," he shared. "Let people know ahead of time that they don't have to drive home, so they can enjoy themselves."

Check out the slideshow above to discover Jon's 13 tips for setting up the perfect bar at home.

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Home Bar Rescue Tips From Jon Taffer
Home Bar Rescue Tips From Jon Taffer