The story behind Baltimore's 'tough love' mother

The Story Behind Baltimore's Tough-Loving Mother
The Story Behind Baltimore's Tough-Loving Mother

By now you've likely seen the video of the Baltimore mother giving her son some tough love after she found him amongst rioters throwing rocks at police.

"Take that *** mask off. You want to be seen?! Take it off!"

Now Toya Graham is speaking about her hard-nosed discipline on CBS This Morning.

"To see my son come across the street with a rock in his hand, I think at that point I just lost it," Graham told CBS This Morning.

Graham says she told her son, Michael, not to go down to the protests. When she talked to police and then saw him there, she took action.

"What was he saying to you," CBS's Charlie Rose asked.

"Mom. Mom. Mom. Okay mom. Okay mom," Graham said.

Graham, a single mother, actually spoke with CBS earlier in the week too, saying she was so hard on her son because she doesn't "want him to be another Freddie Gray."

Manny Locke Jr., the WMAR cameraman who shot the video, went in front of the camera to break down how he first got the footage.

"All of a sudden I saw her, she found her son and she just started wailing on him and I said 'Oh my god, she found him.' I think all parents probably should've did that, " WMAR's Manny Locke Jr. said.

Baltimore's police commissioner praised Graham Monday night and is calling for other parents to do the same.

"For those parents who have kids that are out there who came off that campus, take control of your kids. This is our city. Let's make a difference," commissioner Anthony Batts said.

Protests and riots have been ongoing in Baltimore since the April 12 death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody.

The unrest has resulted in hundreds of arrests as well as looting, fires, property damage, injuries and more. A curfew was set in place Tuesday night along with the installment of the National Guard.

Graham says she understands her son's and her community's frustration with the police, but says two wrongs don't make a right.

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