The 5 best Vines of #InternationalDanceDay

The Better Show's Best Dance Moves
The Better Show's Best Dance Moves

Today is 'International Dance Day' and people all over the globe are celebrating by showing off their best moves. You can find them all over your social media feeds, including Vine and Twitter by following #InternationalDanceDay.

There's no doubt people love to dance. It's one of the easiest ways to engage in social situations, unless you're one of those people that exclaim "I DON'T DANCE" when someone tries to snag you for the Macarena or the Electric Slide at a wedding reception. We won't judge!

The day was created to celebrate dance so take a minute and do a little jive on your lunch break or in your kitchen tonight after dinner!

Check out these people celebrating on Vine:

Fall Out Boy

Arron Crascall

Just Dance Game


Blair Shiff

​Don't be a wallflower! Get up and dance -- celebrate #InternationalDanceDay!

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