Photos show devastation on Everest after avalanche

Videos Emerge of Mount Everest Avalanche
Videos Emerge of Mount Everest Avalanche

Photos taken after the massive avalanche that tore down Everest after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake gives a clue to the chaotic scene that unfolded at base camp.

The wall of snow, which had gathered pieces of ice and rock, killed 18 people and injured 61.

At base camp, tents were flattened and belongings strewn across the mountainside, leaving survivors desparately scrambling to find their friends and companions.

Bhim Bahudar Khatri, a cook for a climbing team, was buried by the snow.

"I managed to dig out of what could easily have been my grave. I wiggled and used my hands as claws to dig as much as I could. I was suffocating. I could not breath. But I knew I had to survive," he said.

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