Kevin Spacey gets destroyed by 5-year-old in political trivia

Kevin Spacey Gets Schooled By A 5-Year-Old
Kevin Spacey Gets Schooled By A 5-Year-Old

Macey Hensley just gave Frank Underwood a lesson in useless pain.

The 5-year-old presidential trivia expert appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday to play a game of Spacey vs. Macey with "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey.

The game was simple: DeGeneres would ask a question about a past U.S. President, and the first person to answer correctly got a point.

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Spacey started off on the wrong foot right away when he buzzed in with "Matt Lauer!" From that point on, it was all Hensley. She correctly identified which President was the first to occupy the White House, the campaign slogan of William Henry Harrison and who was the only President to serve non-consecutive terms.

The two contestants then moved on to the speed round, in which they were shown portraits of former Presidents and had to name them as fast as they could. Spacey did better in this round, but Hensley wiped the floor with him nonetheless.

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