Instagram blocks the eggplant emoji because it's too offensive

Instagram Blocks the Eggplant Emoji Because It's Too Offensive
Instagram Blocks the Eggplant Emoji Because It's Too Offensive


Rejoice! Instagram is finally letting the world use emoji hashtags.

With its latest update, the mobile app will allow users to express their full range of emoji emotions in hashtag form, without the hassle of typing actual words.

There's one notable exception - the eggplant emoji - which has been deemed a tad too racy by Instagram and won't be searchable with a hashtag.

According to BuzzFeed, Instagram blocked the search for the eggplant emoji because it is "consistently used for content that violates their community guidelines."

This news isn't coming entirely out of left field. In January, Instagram blocked an "eggplant Friday" hashtag because it was featured frequently in sexual posts.

The buck stops there, though, because Instagram has no problem with users searching through other potentially scandalous emoji hashtags, including the banana, the peach, the gun, the bloody syringe and the bomb.

Users can still search for hashtag combinations, so posting the eggplant and the spaghetti emojis together, or multiple eggplants, is fair game.

Amateur chefs everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they can search for "eggplant parmesan" recipes without getting something scandalous instead.

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