Every NFL team's biggest draft whiff of all-time

The NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated days of the sports calendar year-in and year-out.

Whether it is a chance to redeem a horrible season by selecting the next big superstar, witnessing your favorite team make a franchise-changing blockbuster trade or cheering on your fellow alumni who are embarking on their new career and hopefully bringing good exposure to your school, the draft gives sports fans plenty of reasons for optimism.

It also gives them plenty of reasons to worry.

Every team has botched important draft picks over the years, whether it has been selecting a coveted player that completely flops, passing over a future Hall of Fame player or drafting someone who never even suits up for them.

The Minnesota Vikings even failed to get their selection in on time one year. As a result, they dropped two spots back, as the next two teams rushed their picks to the podium.

More craziness is sure to ensue as the draft kicks off on Thursday, and no matter how smart you think your team's Draft Day braintrust is, even the best football minds in the business have their regrettable moments from this fateful day. In the NFL Draft, no team is safe from big-time blunders.

The draft may have moved from New York City to Chicago, but the stakes are just as high as they always are, and each organization has plenty of room to make the next disastrous move.

Here we take a look at each team's biggest mistake in the draft, and in doing so, remind people that there is no such thing as a sure thing come Draft Day.

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