Documents reveal Ben Affleck's ancestor didn't actually own slaves

Documents Reveal Ben Affleck's Ancestor Didn't Own Slaves
Documents Reveal Ben Affleck's Ancestor Didn't Own Slaves

After the massive Sony email hack revealed that Ben Affleck tried to convince PBS producers to hide the fact that his great-great-great-grandfather owned slaves, new documents obtained by The Daily Beast suggest that he probably never actually did.

The site teamed up with a Georgia genealogist to research Affleck's family background and discovered Benjamin L. Cole, the small-town sheriff that the PBS program claimed was a wealthy slave owner, was really an executor of an estate that included slaves. He never owned any people himself.

But this news doesn't mean his ancestors are off the hook.

Cole still supported slavery and according to tax reports, his second wife - Affleck's third great-grandmother - briefly owned one slave.

Breitbart also claims to have found at least nine other ancestors of Affleck's who owned slaves.

Then again, there's still no proof Affleck himself supports slave ownership .... So should he really be embarrassed by what his ancestors may or may not have done? Tell us what you think in the comments.