Woman shocked to receive anti-Christ license plate

Woman Shocked To Receive Anti-Christ License Plate
Woman Shocked To Receive Anti-Christ License Plate

A California woman isn't happy about her new license plate because it reminds her of the Devil.Bobbie Larkins considers herself a devout Christian and that's why she was shocked when she purchased a new car and received a license plate with '666' on the end.

Larkins told KPIX she refused to put the bad omen on her car and demanded to receive new plates.

"I couldn't believe it! It sent a chill through my entire body. 666 is symbolic of the devil or the anti-Christ. You know, it's a satanic number."

666 is known as the "number of the beast" that has seven heads and ten horns that comes out of the sea in the New Testament.

There's also the 1970s movie 'The Omen' - in which an American ambassador realizes that the boy he is raising, who has a 666 birthmark, may be the anti-christ.

The state DMV usually charges $20 to replace plates but fortunately for her they decide to waive the fee.

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