Queen Elizabeth no longer listed amongst UK's richest people

Queen No Longer Listed Amongst UK's Richest People
Queen No Longer Listed Amongst UK's Richest People

Without question, the Queen of England is a very wealthy lady, but her financial worth is no longer great enough to land her a top-300 spot on the 'rich list.'

The rankings of the highest wealth individuals in the UK are compiled and published annually by The Sunday Times.

This year, for the first time, the Queen dipped below the 300-mark.

Her roughly 517 million dollars landed her at 302.

The downward slip is largely attributed to many of Britain's super rich getting even more so over the past year.

Compared to their incredibly large gains, Queen Elizabeth's wealth only increased modestly, coming in at about 15 million dollars.

When the list made its debut about 30 years ago, the royal was ranked at number one, with a fortune that hovered at nearly $8 billion.

Back then, a number of high-value assets, such as the royal art collection, were included in calculations, but today are no longer factored in.

Overall, requirements to be included on The Sunday Times' 'rich list' include, in addition to having loads of money, being British born and living in the nation, or at least having significant ties to it.