New dinosaur puzzles paleontologists

New Dinosaur Puzzles Paleontologists
New Dinosaur Puzzles Paleontologists

When you think of a Tyrannosaurus rex you probably remember the man-eating monster from Jurassic Park that had short arms and sounded like a dying baby elephant in slow motion.

Paleontologists in Southern Chile discovered a strange new type of dinosaur that looks like a cross between a platypus and a brontosaurus. It actually belongs to the same theropod family as the carnivorous T. rex...but it was a plant-eater!

Scientists are calling it the Chilesauras diegosarezi and it's "the most bizarre dinosaur ever found" because, according to one paleontologist, "The skeletal anatomy of Chilesaurus gathers characteristics of different dinosaur groups, like a floor is composed of mosaics of different shapes and colors. No other dinosaurs exhibit such a combination or mixture of features."

Turns out the Chilesaurus had traits belonging to three different families.

The vertebrae resembles that of a T. rex and Velociraptor ... But it's feet, long neck, beak and teeth are consistent with families of different herbivores and its pelvis looked like that of a bird.Paul Barrett, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum in London told The Guardian, "It has an unbelievably weird mixture of anatomical features. If you found isolated bones from this one animal in different places you'd probably conclude that the bones came from completely different dinosaur groups, rather than representing one unusual species."

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