Every NFL team's best draft pick of all-time

The NFL Draft is an unofficial holiday for fans and with the league stretching out the seven rounds into a three-day event, the holiday has turned into an extended weekend of reaches, busts, great value, high upside and countless trade rumors as mock draft season comes to an end.

I love the NFL Draft and the thought of adding that one player in the first round to push your team over the top into a Super Bowl contender or the fantasy of a sixth-round pick becoming the next Tom Brady or Terrell Davis is as exciting as you can get without actually playing football.

The draft may be the greatest sporting event that doesn't actually involve any sports being played but we scour the Internet for mock drafts, scouting reports, highlights on YouTube and spend way too much time dreaming up half-baked trade proposals.

Over 250 names will be called in the 2015 draft and many of them will never come close to a starting job, let alone a Pro Bowl appearance of Super Bowl MVP, but we can dream, right?

Sometimes general managers, coaches and scouts must feel like they are dreaming when they see a small school prospect blossom into a Pro Football Hall of Famer. I picked the best draft pick for every team in the NFL and some were absolute no-brainers while some teams have had a nightmare of a time finding talent in the draft.

In total, there are six players still active, 21 players in the Hall of Fame and a few recently retired players who will soon join them in Canton.

After reading through the list of the best draft picks for each team, please leave your thoughts and make your own suggestion for your team in the comments section below and continue the conversation.

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2015 NFL Draft Confessions
2015 NFL Draft Confessions

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